Expansion of the Sutco® management

Dipl.-Ing. Naemi Denz has strengthened the management of the Bergisch Gladbach-based plant engineering company Sutco RecyclingTechnik GmbH since 1 February 2022. Together with the previous Managing Director, Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Gravel, Ms. Denz, as the new Managing Director, is in charge of the operative business of Sutco, a company of the LM-GROUP.  The managing partner, Dipl.-Chem. Michael Ludden, will continue to look after the strategic development of the company.

Before joining Sutco RecyclingTechnik GmbH, Ms Denz held various positions in the mechanical engineering sector – most recently as a member of the extended management team at Steinert GmbH in Cologne, and before that as part of the main management team at VDMA e.V. in Frankfurt/Main.

Naemi Denz is an engineer for technical environmental protection and an environmental assessor and has been involved in the areas of circular economy and mechanical engineering for about twenty years. Among other things, she is Chair of the Advisory Board of the VDI Centre for Resource Efficiency and a member of the Committee for Energy and the Environment of the Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

“We are delighted that we have been able to recruit Naemi Denz as the new Managing Director for Sutco and are convinced that she will support our company with her know-how and many years of industry experience,“ says Michael Ludden, owner of Sutco RecyclingTechnik and LM-GROUP.



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