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UNTHA starts the anniversary year with pioneering innovations

2020 is a very special year for UNTHA shredding technology, based in Kuchl bei Salzburg/Austria. 50 years ago, the foundation was laid for the company that has since grown into one of the leading manufacturers of shredding technology. 2020 will pay tribute to this major milestone, as well as showcase a range of innovations that lead the way to the future.

NEW: GENIUS has a mind of its own
GENIUS, the condition monitoring tool that was developed from scratch by UNTHA, is the "brain" behind every shredder. In principle, GENIUS can be integrated into any UNTHA unit, bundling all the information that users require. Operating and process data such as energy cost, temperature, or the monitoring of process-critical components can be accessed directly, in real time, online and using any end device. This is not just convenient for users, but also reduces unplanned and costly machine downtime, thereby increasing availability and productivity. Any occurring fault is indicated straightaway, making troubleshooting easier. Other benefits for the user include the early detection of deviations and measures for process optimisation. The data is presented in a clear, user-friendly format in the "My UNTHA" customer portal.

NEW: Concept study ZR2400
The ZR2400 prototype is a new 2-shaft shredder for the processing of waste and metals. This type of shredder was designed especially for coarse pre-shredding and high throughputs in order to achieve optimised output material for downstream sorting processes. The ZR2400 is powered by the tried-and-tested, energy-efficient UNTHA Eco Drive. Two cutting systems are available for the efficient shredding of the different materials. The entire cutting chamber can be replaced in a speedy, efficient process, one of the most convenient features of the model. This reduces downtime to an absolute minimum. The ZR2400 shredder is available in a stationary and a mobile version, providing users with maximum flexibility.

New RC cutting system
With the RC cutting system for the XR class, UNTHA has developed an innovative cutting geometry with improved intake characteristics that enables high throughput and particularly homogeneous output material. The robust cutting system is designed for the pre-shredding of particularly bulky materials with a high content of extraneous matter. 

50 years of UNTHA
It all started with a small engineering company with 5 employees. The success story of UNTHA shredding technology began to take off when the manager of the local SPAR, Mr. Hasenbichler, requested a solution for shredding his wooden crates and cardboard boxes. Anton Unterwurzacher then proceeded to construct his first-ever shredder for this purpose. The founder of UNTHA, a born inventor and today considered the pioneer of shredding technology, developed the first 4-shaft cutting system with a screen worldwide and was granted the global patent for his invention in 1983. The name "UNTHA" is based on the names of Unterwurzacher and Hasenbichler. Today, UNTHA employs 250 people. The company is placing among the world's leading manufacturers in this growing, future-oriented industry.

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