Two ANDRITZ ADuro QZ shredders for kitchen waste treatment successfully commissioned

Grandblue Bioenvironment Co., Ltd. has successfully started up two ANDRITZ ADuro QZ1600-BIO shredders at its mills in Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, and Xiaogan City, Hubei Province/China.

ADuro QZ1600BIO shredder for kitchen waste treatment

ADuro QZ1600BIO shredder for kitchen waste treatment
The two new ADuro QZ1600-BIO shredders process kitchen waste at a design capacity of 15 t/h each and pulp the organic fraction effectively by means of rotating chains. Non-organic material like plastics remains largely intact enabling optimum separation in subsequent process steps. The machines do not use any cutting tools, but gently and quickly break up the input material per impact forces. Compared to conventional cutting systems, the ADuro QZ offers significant advantages in terms of performance and wear.

Yang Rongmei, Technology Manager, Grandblue Bioenvironment Technology says: “In 2016, we collaborated with ANDRITZ for the first time, as part of a pilot project for kitchen waste treatment. This was later followed by another successful project for our Zhangzhou mill. ANDRITZ equipment has shown excellent performance. Especially the gas formation is more efficient due to shorter fermentation times, resulting in an overall higher gas yield in the fermenter.”

Grandblue Bioenvironment will soon start up two more ADuro QZ1600-BIO shredders and equipment for compacting delivered by ANDRITZ for additional kitchen waste treatment plants in Hebei and Hubei provinces/China.

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