ANDRITZ to supply six ­shredders to the USA

International technology group ANDRITZ has received an order from Krones AG, Germany, to supply six ADuro S shredders for a shredding and washing plant for polypropylene (PP) recycling in the Southeast United States. The shredders will be installed in two lines. Start-up of the first line will take place in 2024.

The shredders provide a dry shredding solution resulting in less fines, extended wear parts lifetime and thus lower costs compared to the classic wet milling solution typically used in such applications. ADuro S shredders will be used to shred the material to less than 15 mm particle size.

Thomas Gemeiner, Director Global Product Management and After Sales Service, ANDRITZ Recycling, highlights the benefits: “The ADuro S 2400 single-shaft shredders deliver exceptionally high capacities and keep energy consumption to a minimum by means of an intelligent pusher control system. One of their unique time-saving and safety features is the possibility of adjusting the cutting gap without having to open the machine. In addition, the rotor has a special design that prevents the ropes from being wrapped around the rotor and a reverse function for cleaning, thus improving uptime of the shredding process.”


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