Seminar/Webinar and Site Tour: Glass Recycling and Value-Added Manufacturing

In Australia in 2018/19, it is estimated that 1.16 Mt or 46 kg per person of glass waste was generated, up from 1.13 Mt in 2016-17. About 90 % of all glass consumed is used in packaging, such as in food and beverage packaging. Overall recycling rates for glass are at about 59 %. Increasing recycling rates further have been difficult due to breakage of glass in kerbside recycling collections, and the difficulty in sorting glass into colours.

New container deposit systems being rolled out across the country, and innovation in optical sorting technology at material recover facilities and advanced manufacturing is helping to boost recycling rates closer to the Commonwealth’s target of 80% recovery by 2030.

The AIEN is very pleased to be hosting this event offered in a hybrid seminar/webinar format followed by a facility tour in the Sydney region to review innovation in glass collection, sorting, processing and manufacturing to help drive progress towards a circular economy.

The tour leads to TOMRA Cleanaway's container sorting centre in Eastern Creek.

Tuesday 28th March 2023  |  Mantra Parramatta

Seminar/Webinar: 9:00am – 12:00pm,

Site Tour: 1:00pm – 4:00pm

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