Everything is new in...July?

Dear Readers,Bauverlag, which has been based on the outskirts of Gütersloh not far from Bertelsmann‘s headquarters for quite some time, is moving. In the newly developing Kaiserquartier in the center...



recovery spotlight

waste recovery

Pioneering role

Recycling in the EU in the pandemic era

The European Union (EU) is striving to become a global pioneer in the recycling economy. Only in times of crisis is it possible to clearly gauge the progress made. The following paper discusses where...


plastics recovery

New life for worn artificial grass

Innovative plant technology

Although synthetic lawn had been introduced in American baseball stadiums already at the end of the 1960s, it only became an accepted alternative to the high-maintenance natural lawn at the turn of...


agricultural waste recovery

Down under

Tasmanian compost with the Topturn X

Dulverton Waste Management is one of the leading waste management companies and largest compost producer in the Australian state of Tasmania, whose sustainable waste management has already won awards....