Plastics in the ocean

04/2019 Successful retrieval

More than half a ton of lost fishing nets recovered off Prora (Isle of Rügen)

Divers of the mission “German Baltic 2019“, which started on 10 June, brought a trawl net of more than 30 m length from the bottom of the Baltic Sea on 11 June 2019. Overall, more than half a ton of...

Plastic Waste from the Sea

“Fishing for Litter” – Sorting Analysis and Material Testing of Plastic Waste from the Sea

Every year, more and more waste ends up in our seas, with a devastating impact on marine flora and fauna. Working together with fishermen on the North and Baltic Seas, NABU, Germany’s Nature and...

Ghost nets in the Baltic Sea

Vecoplan® supports ghost net recycling with its processing technology

The international recycling company Tönsmeier became a partner of WWF Deutschland (World Wide Fund for Nature in Germany) in September 2015, and since then has been working to rid the Baltic Sea of...

03/2018 Global problem

Plastic waste in the oceans – consequences and strategy solutions

What had long been considered a trivial offense has meanwhile become a very serious problem: Allowing plastic waste to enter the oceans. The following overview provides data and facts and informs...