battery recovery

Issue 2023-04 Development of battery systems and their recycling

FIRE symposium on October 10, 2023 in Freiberg/Saxony

Climate change, energy transition, climate neutrality, mobility transition, sustainability - buzzwords that today represent overarching topics in research, business, politics, and society. In view of...

Issue 2023-04 Safe long-term investment

BHS-Sonthofen receives order for BASF battery recycling plant

BHS-Sonthofen is supplying BASF with a complete line for the mechanical reprocessing of lithium-ion batteries into black mass. This marks the third large-scale plant for BHS, with the first one having...


Metso propels energy transition by introducing a full offering for battery minerals production and recycling

Metso has worked on further strengthening its position as the preferred technology and solutions provider for the battery minerals industry. With the recent launch of the battery black mass recycling...

Issue 2023-03 E-mobility

PBT develops new technology standard for the battery and automotive industry

Pure Battery Technologies (PBT) has developed innovative processes to refine nickelmanganese-cobalt (NMC) material required for electric vehicle (EV) batteries. Together with the University of...


Metso introduced a sustainable battery black mass recycling process

Battery black mass recycling is becoming an important means to complement virgin battery metals supply and to reduce the carbon footprint of the battery supply chain. To respond to these needs, Metso...


Recovery of battery metals – Project-Launch of METALLICO

On January 1, 2023, the EU project METALLICO has started. The main objective of the project is to recover (critical) battery metals (lithium, cobalt, copper, manganese, nickel) from primary and...


Stena Recycling opens industry scale battery recycling plant in Europe

Stena Recycling inaugurated its first industrial recycling facility for lithium-ion batteries, an investment of a quarter of a billion SEK. It is situated in south of Sweden and one of the first...


Tevva partners with Ecobat for first-life battery management

British electric vehicle manufacturer Tevva has entered into a strategic partnership with Ecobat, the global leader in battery recycling, for the repair, repurposing and recycling of its lithium-ion...


New energy-efficient method for recycling lithium-ion batteries

Researchers at Linnaeus University have developed a more environmentally friendly way of retrieving cobalt from used lithium-ion batteries. With a liquid solvent made of readily available substances,...


New EU-funded project aims to prevent fires caused by batteries at e-waste recycling facilities

A project that will develop an AI-powered battery detection system utilising data from x-ray detectors and pick-and-place robots has commenced on the 1 September. GRINNER, funded through the European...