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The production of alternative fuels from mechanical-biological processing or industrial sorting plants is one possibility to use high calorific waste and to protect primary raw materials. Ecoinvest, one of the leading specialists in waste processing in Bulgaria, decided on a completely new processing line from Vecoplan. The heart of the system is the robust pre-shredding and re-shredding process for high-quality output material.

At the end of 2017, outstanding achievements in the field of sustainability were honored. In 2017, the „Transformative Science“ research prize was offered for the first time by the Wuppertal Institute and the Zempelin Foundation in the Donors‘ Association for the Promotion of Humanities and Sciences in Germany (Stifterverband). Read more about the awarded research project.

The German Sustainability Award Foundation presented this award for top achievements in sustainability for the tenth time on the evening of 8 December 2017.

In particular, there are a large number of application reports in the area of sorting and size reduction waiting for you in this issue.

We wish you many informative hours of reading with the recovery 1/2018

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Editor-in-chief recovery Recycling Technology Worldwide


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