„We shape the future“ 

SPALECK celebrates 150th company anniversary

The year 2019 is a special year for SPALECK, the manufacturer of screening machines. The company, headquartered in Bocholt, North Rhine-Westphalia, celebrates its anniversary, looking back on 150 years of experience in mechanical engineering. Today, the company, which was founded by the master locksmith Otto Spaleck in 1869 before the German Empire was established, is one of the leading international manufacturers of conveying and separating technology.


We shape the future

The company was founded in Greiz, Thuringia. At first, the founder Otto Spaleck organized the company with focus on the production of reedmaking machines for the textile industry. The company grew, and with it also its product range – before the family - due to the division of Germany - escaped to the West where they laid the foundation for today’s headquarters in Bocholt.

They continued to build machines for the textile industry and the surface finishing sector. At the beginning of the 1990s, SPALECK came to a turning point, as the textile machine business offered only little future prospects. SPALECK consistently relied on sustainable products that are useful for man and environment. Thus, the company made a successful leap from the world market leader for reedmaking machines to the globally sought-after „green machine manufacturer“.

Andreas Ahler, Managing Director at SPALECK: „In our view, our 150 years of company history are not a sign of age, but of liveliness, dynamics and a forward-looking approach. Our anniversary motto “We shape the future” emphasizes our corporate culture, which, for more than five generations, has been the basis for our teams and partners to shape the future.”


Innovation hub for screening technology. And more.

With more than 400 employees and locations in Germany, Romania, the USA, the Netherlands and most recently in Thailand, the SPALECK group of companies is still 100 % family-owned. The business areas of the green mechanical engineering company include the fields of metal processing, precision parts, surface finishing as well as conveying and separating technology.

Following its green strategy, SPALECK has expanded its activities by cooperating with the Dutch company MORSELT WATERTECHNIEK B.V. The specialists from MORSELT develop and produce plant and process solutions to convert contaminated and polluted process and waste waters into clean water while filtering out pollutants and recyclables.

These water treatment plants are also used e.g. in metal recycling companies, to enable the cleaning of wastewater before it is discharged into the sewage water system. SPALECK regards the investment in MORSELT as a clear commitment to its strategy to offer, by 2030, only products that benefit people and the environment.

And SPALECK continuous to shape the future in the area of conveying and separating technology, for example with an additional production site including service hub and test center in Mackinaw, USA, with the expansion of its SPALECK Connect technology for the preventive maintenance and monitoring of vibratory machines as well as with its most recent sales office for vibratory machines in Thailand.

Andreas Ahler: „Since our beginnings we have always been close to our customers - whether in Europe, the USA, Asia or on the other continents. In this way, our customers can be sure that they will always have their fingers at the pulse of the times and work with us today on the recycling solutions of tomorrow.” Currently, the preparations for the IFAT 2020 are in progress – where the SPALECK team will certainly show exciting innovations around efficient screening and processing – true to its motto: We shape the future.



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