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Safety-related overall concepts for the recycling industry

At first glance, Heroldstatt on the Laichinger Alb is an idyllic village in a basically rural area. But taking a closer look, you will find many innovative companies there. As for the Reif company, this attribute is already inherent its name: Reif GmbH – Innovative Safety Systems.

The medium-sized family company was founded in 1997 by Dipl.-Ing. Joachim Reif. Soon afterwards, the concept was shifted from pyrotechnic systems, such as rope cutters for helicopters or fog machines, to safety-related systems. Since then, the Reif GmbH has established itself as an installation company for security technology primarily supporting customers in southern Germany, but also nationwide and in the neighbouring countries. With the DIN ISO 9001 certification gained in the year 2000 and the VdS certification in the areas of intrusion, fire and video technology as well as voice alarm systems in the subsequent year, the company holds all approvals required to meet almost every customer-specific requirement. Thanks to remote maintenance and a 24-hour on-call hotline, fast technical support is possible at any time. Today, the Reif company employs more than 40 people.
The Heroldstatt-based enterprise has also been serving companies in the recycling industry for almost 20 years. With individual and industry-specific security concepts, there is an individual solution for every risk. Modular systems in the field of access control, intrusion detection technology, video surveillance, fire detection technology, time recording, tele-communications technology and IT technology cover the entire range.
Here for example, an important component is preventive fire protection, where e.g. smart and special detectors can be used to respond precisely to the respective needs. Some detectors are able to detect soot particles or water vapor and hide them as a disturbance variable in order to prevent false alarms. In the recycling industry, smoke aspiration systems (RAS) are often used, which can reliably identify seats of fire and localize them in an early stage of their development. For this purpose, ambient air is constantly sucked into a high-performance suction device via a pipe system. In a calibrated laser detection chamber, in which visible and invisible smoke contained in the air is reliably detected, the air flows through a double-stage filter, which removes dust and dirt from the sample. In addition, the portfolio is rounded off and continuously adapted by other special detectors relevant to the recycling industry.
Other pertinent elements are efficient burglary protection and powerful video technology, which effectively protect buildings and open spaces against burglary, theft and vandalism. In case the option to connect to a control centre is used, the operator can be immediately informed about irregularities, or the control centre itself springs into action and sends, for example, either a security firm or the police to the property. At the same time, complete remote monitoring of the objects is possible via the control centre.
Mechanical security systems, electronic and mechanical locking systems, time recording systems and access control systems complete the portfolio of the Reif GmbH offering recycling companies also significant advantages, for example the optimization of operational processes, such as wage accounting.
All components can be used as modules and thus meet every customer requirement. Their addition is also possible at any time. The Reif GmbH relies on products from proven partner companies, but never loses sight of the market and its innovations in order to be able to complete its portfolio. This means that for every requirement, an adequate tailor-made solution can be worked out. Here, the focus is on modularity and the optimal solution for the respective application. With this, even special requirements, mostly arising in the field of metal scrap recyclers or alternative fuel recyclers, can be fulfilled.



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