Detect in time

Fire protection in the refuse derived fuel – recycling industry

Detecting and containing fires in the refuse-derived fuel (RDF) production industry in a timely manner presents special challenges. The delivered recyclable materials are occasionally unloaded in a cocooning state, and heat may also be generated after shredding and during storage of the recyclable materials ­– spontaneous combustion may occur.

To recognize such fire developments in time is essential to maintain the working ability of recycling companies. For many years, Reif GmbH – Innovative Safety Systems has been working with companies in the industry to develop and implement customized safety concepts for the companies concerned. With individual and industry-specific security concepts, a tailor-made solution can be found for every risk. Modular systems in the areas of access control, intrusion detection and IT technology cover the entire spectrum.

Early fire detection in particular, even in the most difficult environmental conditions such as those encountered in the substitute fuel sector, plays an important role here time and again. With intelligent and special sensors, the respective requirements can be met exactly. Some detectors are able to detect dust and dirt particles or water vapor and suppress them as disturbance variables to prevent false alarms. A laser-based smoke aspiration system is also often used in the recycling industry and can reliably and quickly detect fire sources and various types of fire gases. This means that they can be localized at an early stage. For this purpose, ambient air is constantly sucked into a high-performance suction device via a pipe system. Through a multi-stage filter that removes dirt from the air sample, the air flows through a calibrated laser detection chamber in which contained visible and invisible smoke is reliably detected. If required, additional gas sensors can also be added downstream here. In addition, the portfolio is rounded off with further special detectors relevant to the recycling industry and is continuously adapted.

With the right technical solutions, the risk of major fire incidents in the (substitute fuel) recycling industry can be minimized, thus safeguarding production. Every need can be covered by combining suitable systems.


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