ELDAN Super Chopper with low energy consumption

Recent advances on the market for electric components have enabled ELDAN to develop a frequency-driven ELDAN Super Chopper with substantially lower energy consumption and a much lower price than previous models. The Super Chopper can be used for shredding most materials, e.g. tyres without previous removal of the bead, cables as well as waste electric and electronic equipment, refrigerators, aluminium, municipal solid waste (MSW), rotors of wind turbines (after preliminary cutting), plastics and industrial waste. Besides the traditional hydraulic version, the ELDAN Super Chopper is now also available with a drive based on frequency-controlled geared motors. The new ELDAN Super Chopper Frequency Drive (FD) matches the power, capacity and function of the version with hydraulic motor drive, but also reduces energy consumption enormously. 

“We launched the ELDAN Super Chopper with frequency drive on the market during the first quarter of 2018 and it was received very well by the customers. We have already commissioned five machines of this type and another five are set to be installed soon. The customers are all over the world, e.g. in Russia, North Africa, Ecuador and Southern Europe,” says Jan Kjær, Manager R&D at ELDAN. “The energy consumption of the frequency-driven ELDAN Super Choppers is even lower than originally forecast. The start-up power is less than 10 % of the nominal power input and the average energy consumption is reduced by 50 – 60 %.”



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