BIR Singapore: THE place to be for the international recycling industry

Following two successful events in 1990 and 2011, Singapore will once again host the BIR World Recycling Convention in May 2019. The event brings the global recycling community to the heart of the Asia and Oceania economic landscape. Home to a dynamic and thriving financial and social ecosystem, Singapore will provide the perfect backdrop to explore the future of our industry. 

The BIR World Recycling Convention in Singapore brings together industry leaders to tackle the burning issues and current challenges, more than one year after China’s import restrictions. As our divisional programmes are taking shape, the keynote speaker has already been announced: Dr Gabrielle Walker, international expert strategist, talks climate change, corporate social responsibility, capital structures and future consumer behaviour. Another highlight will be the election of a new BIR President who will shape the organisation over the coming years with his vision and leadership. 

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