Sustainable disposal

AutoLoadBaler with integrated collection system

The bales, which weigh over 400 kg and are direct saleable, are stable and can therefore also be stacked. Due to the high bale density, full utilisation is possible. CO² emissions are minimised due to the 100 % transport capacity utilisation.

This baler, with its automatic filling and integrated collection cart system, is used in industry, food retailing, warehousing and logistics. The small footprint of less than 5m² allows the installation directly at the material accumulation point. Due to the internal positioning of the AutoLoadBaler and the large collection carts, the operating personnel saves walking distances and time. Valuable working time for tearing the cardboard and manual filling of the press are a thing of the past.


The collection carts filled with cardboard are inserted into the AutoLoadBaler in seconds. The filling and pressing process starts automatically. The bottom of the collection cart rises automatically, and the cardboard is conveyed into the baling chamber by slowly rotating rotor rollers. When the baling chamber is full, the baling process starts automatically, and the cardboard is pressed into a direct saleable bale with a pressing force of 530 KN.

The AutoLoadBaler on a glance

 Automatic filling and pressing process

 This gives a considerable time advantage

 Direct saleable bales
 High operator safety due to closed system

 Relieving the operating personnel from dangerous and ergonomically unfavourable activities (such as manual tearing/cutting of cardboard packaging)


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