Waste management 4.0 / Digitization strategies for the waste management industry

Many companies do not know what is behind the terms digitization or Industry 4.0 and which opportunities and risks are associated with. This gap should at least be closed for the waste disposal industry. The rapid development currently observed in the market offers considerable potential that needs to be used.

Presented are current trends in the field of digitization in waste management. Besides analyzing the current situation, the focus is on technologies making procedures and processes in companies more efficient and simpler, thereby releasing potential for cost savings. Suppliers are invited to present their products. They provide information in the fields of how to use digitization, cloud-based IoT solutions, the mobile communications standard 5G, vehicle fleet and container management, sensors for level measurement, and platform economics. In addition, questions of a very practical nature are discussed, e.g. problems of acceptance in the company or how to develop a long-term strategy.

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