Recyclable HDPE packaging with RecyClass

With the goal of supporting the efforts of the industry towards increased plastic packaging recyclability, RecyClass releases the Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for HDPE containers. The Protocol is a useful tool for addressing and testing specific design features with regards to recyclability of HDPE rigid packaging, which will contribute to a correct recyclability assessment of the overall package.


The Protocol recreates the recycling conditions of a state-of-the-art process in Europe. Blends of the tested technology and a control sample are processed and the output material is blow moulded into bottles for evaluation of properties. Alternatively, pellet samples can be also extruded into sheets or plaques for properties evaluation. For further information please see the Protocol.


Herbert Snell, Chairman of the RecyClass HDPE & PP Technical Committee and General Manager of Multiport GmbH (Veolia) said: “The publication of these Protocols allows the industry to approach recyclability of different packaging features in a coherent manner, providing for consistent results.”


Gian de Belder, Chairman of the RecyClass Advisory Board and Packaging Scientist in Procter & Gamble added: “A common methodology to measure recyclability is essential to assess the pledges made by many brand owners on recyclability of packaging. Furthermore, standardisation of such testing procedures is high on the list of priorities for the industry.”


This protocol was developed by RecyClass which includes not only recyclers but also representatives of the whole plastics value chain including material producers, converters, brand owners & more. Furthermore, the Protocol is in line with APR (The Association of Plastic Recyclers) publications. PRE and APR mutually understand the value of global recyclability protocols which can address our common concerns about packaging recyclability claims. RecyClass will now focus on the development of the Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for PP containers.


PRE partnered with several independent laboratories across Europe to conduct the Recyclability Protocols. We invite any petition to assess recyclability of a new technology to be sent to RecyClass ( to assess the suitability of the candidate for testing.

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