Recognising Youth – The theme for Recycling Heroes 2024

Global Recycling Day takes place annually on 18th March 2024 and we are inviting nominations for #RecyclingHeroes 2024; people, places, businesses and activities that have continued to support the recycling effort during the pandemic. Ten winners will be chosen from across the globe and each one will be awarded a prize of US $1000 and will also feature on all our social media channels.

Recognising Youth is the theme for the Global Recycling Day’s new competition in the search for Recycling Heroes.

Taking its lead from COP28 in Dubai, the Global Recycling Foundations is targeting youthful enterprise in its search for the innovators of tomorrow, helping reduce waste, pollution & carbon emissions whilst promoting recycling and employment.

The Global Recycling Foundation (GRF) is now looking for nominations for the award of Recycling Heroes 2024 from young entrepreneurs, individuals to business leaders, sole traders to multinational businesses, and towns and cities that have continued actively to recycle as the world is challenged to meet the climate change goals of 2050.

COP 28 pledged to move away from fossil fuels and quickly ramp up renewal energy, and GRF is committed to playing its part in promoting the vital role of recycling as an integral part of the Global Circular Economy in preserving the planet’s resources.

Ten winning entrants will receive US$ 1000 each and their ideas will be publicised on the Global Recycling Day’s social media channels shared across 70 countries connecting over two billion followers. Entries close on Tuesday 12th March 2024. All nominations to be sent by email to:

Ranjit Baxi, Founding President of the Global Recycling Foundation, said: “COP28 has pointed the way, and we believe young people should be at the forefront of meeting the challenges it has laid down. GRF recognises the huge socio-economic impact on our global economies made by these young business leaders. Young people dare to think the unthinkable and it is their future which matters more than ever.”

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