IARC 2024 – Call for papers runs until 19 February

23rd International Automotive Recycling Congress IARC 2024 will take place in Antwerp/Belgium from June 19 to 21, 2024. All experts in the field of automotive recycling are invited to join the congress and exhibition.

For 23 years, IARC has been driving sustainable practices and innovation in automotive recycling. So don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to be part of the conversation that will shape the future of automotive recycling.

All interested in making a presentation at the IARC 2024 in Antwerp, are invited to submit an abstract before February 29, 2024, to share key messages with global industry and technology leaders.

OEMs are warmly invited to IARC 2024 to discover all the support and share the knowledge the recycling industry has to offer them. The content of the published proposal from the EU Commission on a new EU Regulation for ELV’s – with global impact – brings additional responsibilities and financial implications.


OEM-focused topics (cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses…)

  • Obligations of manufacturers: extended producer responsibility, type approval, recycled content, plastics, collection, design, export, communication/information, Critical Raw Materials Act, 3R, product carbon footprint, financial considerations
  • Producer Responsibility Organisations (individual or collective responsibilities)
  • Advantages and disadvantages of compliance schemes


Dismantling and recycling industry topics (transport, shredding, scrap, trading, export) and for the used parts industry (reuse)

  • Obligations for collectors, dismantlers (ATF), shredders, parts traders: expansion of dismantling components from ELV: special attention to EV batteries & EV-motors, post-shredder technologies, second-hand/used parts business (including remanufacturing), financial considerations
  • Management of future input channels for vehicle recycling
  • How to guarantee the required output quality for automotive applications
  • Verification and monitoring of recycled content
  • Safe handling
  • Shift from generalist to specialist activities and the advantages and disadvantages of collaboration


Topics for component recyclers (printed circuit boards, batteries, catalysts, cables…)

  • Sorting and concentrating on “contaminated” plastics
  • From heaps/stacks of materials to managed streams
  • Identification of battery cell quality suitable for repurposing


Special topics/potential workshops

  • Repurposing of batteries
  • Asset management of electronics (repair, resale)
  • High-Tech: sorting of metal fines
  • Managing information flow along the entire supply chain (IDIS, circularity vehicle
  • passport, battery passport…)
  • Export of used and end-of-life vehicles
  • New role of the Producer responsibility organisations


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