agricultural waste recovery

Issue 04/2023 Integrated waste management projects

MRF and Compost Refinement plants for TERNA ENERGY in Tripoli/Greece

Greek renewable energy company TERNA Energy, a subsidiary of GEK TERNA Group, is one of the leading players in clean energy production and storage, and the largest investor in Renewable Energy Sources...

Issue 01/2022 Amendment

Biowaste Ordinance Amendment: New Doppstadt Solution Ensures Compliance with Requirements

The Amendment to the Biowaste Ordinance (BioAbfV) meets with a lot of criticism among experts and associations because they think the requirements are technically unfeasible. Furthermore they fear an...

Issue 04/2021 Down under

Tasmanian compost with the Topturn X

Dulverton Waste Management is one of the leading waste management companies and largest compost producer in the Australian state of Tasmania, whose sustainable waste management has already won awards....

Issue 05/2020 Efficiency in biogas generation

BHS-Sonthofen launches a new version of the Biogrinder on the market

BHS-Sonthofen has launched a new, completely redesigned version of the successful Biogrinder on the market. The Biogrinder is used in biomass processing, where it ensures that biogas is generated...

Issue 05/2019

Pre-treatment of digestates with the Digestate Dryer BRT HARTNER DCD

A water content that is too high can slow down the composting process and reduce the quality of the final product. The Digestate Dryer of the Eggersmann brand BRT HARTNER homogenises, loosens and...

Issue 03/2019 A major leap in quality and effectiveness

New processing plant for garden waste

An intriguing story: In 1882, a group of farmers from the West of England got together, chartered a train, loaded it with all their cows, sheep, horses and agricultural equipment, and set off...

Issue 01/2018 Competence center

Innovative sorting system commissioned

Tomra Sorting Recycling, based in Mülheim-Kärlich/Germany develops and builds sensor-based sorting systems for waste and metals recycling. The company has now successfully implemented its powerful...

Issue 01/2018 Removal of foreign particles

Production of high quality organic material with the UniSort Black from STEINERT

The operators of composting facilities are faced with a dilemma. On the one hand, customers are demanding compost of increasingly higher quality. On the other, organic waste contains a steadily rising...