Sesotec GmbH and KRS Recycling Systems

Under the motto "Economy meets Ecology", Sesotec GmbH and its subsidiary KRS Recycling Systems GmbH will once again be represented at IFAT 2024. The two companies will be presenting the latest developments in the field of plastics and glass sorting. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the innovations live at the stand.

© Sesotec GmbH

© Sesotec GmbH
As one of the leading suppliers of sorting systems, Sesotec will be presenting the newly developed VARISORT+ FILM film sorter, a modular system based on the proven features of the VARISORT+ family of machines. A new feature of the VARISORT+ FILM is a specially generated laminar air flow, which enables optimum conveying of flexible packaging and films. The materials are stabilised and can be reliably detected and sorted. Another innovative feature of the VARISORT+ FILM is the aerodynamically designed separator housing, which prevents the air turbulence that usually impairs sorting efficiency, thus ensuring efficient sorting.

  © Sesotec GmbH

© Sesotec GmbH

Sorting with artificial intelligence (AI)

Sesotec engineers have developed innovative evaluation methods based on artificial intelligence for the sorting systems. By using "OBJECT-AI", impurities that were previously difficult to identify can be reliably detected in the material flow and efficiently sorted out by the blow nozzles. With the help of "NIR-AI", it is possible to precisely differentiate between different polymers. This leads to increased accuracy and adaptability of the sorting processes, especially for mixed plastics and plastics with additives. The new AI approaches will also be used for other sorting tasks in the future, such as in the area of electrical and electronic waste.


New sensor technology for detecting black glass

KRS Recycling Systems will be presenting the SPEKTRUM+ glass sorting system at the trade fair stand, which is equipped with a new C-C sensor system that, among other things, can differentiate even better between black glass or dark glass and CSP (ceramic/stone/porcelain). The traditional viewing of cullet using normal transmitted light illumination has been extended to include a newly developed special illumination plus sensor system (new C-C sensor). This means that glass that is especially impermeable to normal light (or extremely dark) is no longer unintentionally sorted out with impurities such as ceramics, stones or porcelain. This represents an enormous advantage in glass recovery, as the dark fragments, which are particularly valuable due to their material thickness, remain reliably in the material cycle and can be used for the production of new goods.


New Level Services

Sesotec has expanded its service portfolio to meet the increasing demands of the recycling industry. A range of innovative services supports customers in increasing plant availability, transparency, automation and profitability. Recycling plants become more efficient.

"The development of our new technologies and sensor systems marks a significant step in improving material recovery and thus increasing profitability," says Michael Perl, Group Director Sales Division Sorting Recycling at Sesotec. "We are proud to present our latest innovations at IFAT and thus make a contribution to promoting a sustainable and profitable circular economy."

Stand B5, 415/514


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