Recycling continues

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when there are many changes, one is happy about the things that form a constant - recovery 02/2020 lies ahead of you with exciting new product developments, new strategies to make recycling processes more effective, and reports from the field. Our category event reports will probably not be available again until the second half of the year...

Artificial intelligence - a term by which everyone probably imagines something different - is finding its way into recycling technology, more specifically into sorting technology. Read a detailed report on a newly developed technology from TOMRA Sorting GmbH starting on page 4: „Artificial Intelligence in sorting technology“.

Iron and steel slags as a by-product of steel production are not waste but a secondary mineral raw material. An overview of the quantities produced worldwide and their further use can be found in the report by Dr. Joachim Harder, OneStone Consulting, starting on page 28: „ Valuable by-products“.


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