PFREUNDT: new skip-loader scale

PFREUNDT supplies integrated weighing systems for the disposal and recycling sector. The company has now unveiled its new WK60 skip-loader scale to the industry at the IFAT trade fair. The market-proven technology of the WK60 series has been in extremely successful use in the PFREUNDT wheel-loader scale since 2015, and is now also available for vehicles featuring exchangeable container systems. 

The latest mobile weighing technology

These scales with their touch displays integrate the very latest technology, are extremely robust, and are optimally suitable for demanding applications. Operation of these mobile scales is extremely simple, being comparable to the user interface on a Smartphone or a Tablet. The individual functions can be recognised and used intuitively via appropriate symbols as soon as the system is energised.

These scales can be universally used in all vehicle types, with extremely easy installation, even retrospectively. The measuring elements‘ low deadweight permits maximum payload, with weighing of the containers in any position.

Comprehensive range of scales for the industry

Accuracy, durability and robustness – rely on PFREUNDT for all of these. Dependable and accurate scales are a vital necessity for the many and diverse weighing tasks needed in the disposal and recycling sector. In addition to its skip-loader scales, PFREUNDT also supplies scales for roll-off dumpers, front loaders, excavators, cranes, and many more applications.

Solutions supplied by PFREUNDT assure cost-efficient, sustainable operation - mobile weighing systems are the rational-cost alternative to vehicle scales, with fewer trips saving costs and slashing CO2 emissions.

Digitisation is also playing an ever more important role in weighing systems, and even the basic specification of all WK60 series scales features built-in WLAN capability, thus assuring trouble-free linking to the PFREUNDT web portal, and permitting automatic data interchange with the mobile scales. Users have access to the necessary data virtually any time, any place, whether in the office, at the PC, or – via a Smartphone or a Tablet – while travelling.

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