Increase in material recovery

Norway’s first AI-powered robotic sorting station

The new robotic sorting facility will substantially increase material recovery at Bjorstaddalen and make a major move from waste incineration toward a circular economy in the Nordic country. The AI-powered robots sort several fractions from industrial waste and are also trained to recognize new ones, opening up new business opportunities for the Norwegian waste industry frontrunner.

In the municipality of Skien in Norway the country’s first robotic sorting facility for C&D and C&I waste has been opened. The fully automated robotic sorting station supplied by ZenRobotics features robotic arms that will perform up to 6000 picks per hour. The robotic sorting station is set up as a standalone waste sorting process connected to Bjorstaddalen’s existing material recycling facility that has a total capacity of 150 000 t/year.

By investing in AI and robot technologies, Bjorstaddalen aims to become a leader in material recycling in Norway. The robotic sorting station will substantially increase material recovery, reducing waste incineration and making a major leap toward the circular economy. “We want to be at the forefront and are constantly looking for better solutions for handling industrial waste. It has long worried us that there is a low degree of material recycling in Norway compared to other countries. We are good at recovering energy in this country, but that only means that waste is incinerated. We want to do something about this,” says Executive Vice President Sindre Hauen from Bjorstaddalen.

The intelligent sorting robots are able to recover fractions that are currently recycled at the facility such as A, B and C wood, non-metals, hard plastics, black plastics and inert. However, Bjorstaddalen sees even bigger opportunities in the future. “The robots can be trained to identify new fractions. If new markets open up in the future, or there are new demands from the authorities, the robotic plant can be trained to recognize these factions as well,” continues Executive Vice President Hauen.

Bjorstaddalen is currently further developing and ramping up the robotic sorting line to identify different kinds of recycled waste. The company has already entered into agreements with several customers who want to use the sorted fractions as raw material. “We are proud to support an industry trailblazer like Bjorstaddalen that sees the enormous possibilities provided by AI and robotic technologies in advancing the circular economy and capturing an increasing number of valuable high-purity materials in a cost-efficient and accurate way,” says ZenRobotics’ CEO Jarmo Ruohonen.


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