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New developments to touch

The IFAT is the perfect opportunity to get into personal exchange with all customers, but also with new business contacts – company HAMMEL is looking forward to it. The planning of the show booth with 282 m² is “in full swing”. HAMMEL will provide all information about shredding, design and function of the HAMMEL recycling machines as well as individual solutions for almost any shredding to the visitors on site. Furthermore, as usual, real machines „to touch“ are exhibited at the stand.

The proven two-shaft principle has accompanied the company HAMMEL for more than 26 years. The standard models belong to the extreme slow-speed shredders and can be used in the processing of almost all materials, e.g. waste wood, rootstocks, railway sleepers, domestic and industrial waste, aluminum, light metals up to car bodies. Among others, HAMMEL develops efficient complete plants and special machines. All HAMMEL shredders in the diesel range are equipped with the latest, environmentally friendly exhaust system (Stage 5). The competent HAMMEL team works closely with customers and dealers to find optimal and most reliable solutions for individual needs.

Since 2021 the new shredder generation – the HAMMEL primary crusher type VB 750 DK Long Version with powerful CAT C9.3 – Stage 5 engine (380 HP) is already on the market. The newly designed and extended shredding unit with extra-long shredding shafts, makes the machine special. Bulky, but also large-volume feed material such as chipboard and bulky waste can be easily loaded with a wheel loader, pulled in and shredded without any problems.

The electro-hydraulic machines, which are powered by renewable energy, have become indispensable. Therefore, every machine type can be equipped with an electric drive as a stationary and semi-mobile version. Since 2022, the HAMMEL VB 750 electric shredder has also been built with the extra-long 2-meter shredding shafts as standard.

What was planned and delivered in the past as a unique customer solution can now be seen as a further developed idea at the IFAT trade fair 2022 in Munich.

The HAMMEL VB 950 EK shredder

The shredder is equipped with 2 x 250 kW electric motors. For mobility crawler tracks for are driven independently of the shredder by an additional power unit. In this way, the energy-saving advantages of an electric machine could be combined with the flexibility of a diesel machine on a crawler track. Another unbeatable advantage is the mobility gained by the electric shredder. For loading on a truck no auxiliary means (mobile cranes) are needed, since the machine is self-driving. A flexible change of location or a new positioning on the factory premises is realised by this independency.

HAMMEL builds the new machine generations primarily from standard components, which has a positive effect on the spare parts stock.


Hall B6, Stand 141/240



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