Heavy-duty industrial operations as key competence

Increased performance of XPower wheel loaders L 550 and L 556

To further boost performance, Liebherr has reinforced the lift arms and overhauled the working hydraulics. Innovations also include increased tip load, breakout force and engine power. The two performance-optimised models are now available to order from all Liebherr sales partners.

The Liebherr L 550 XPower® and L 556 XPower® wheel loaders are used primarily in industrial operations such as in waste disposal. Paper handling, bulky metal scrap and refuse slag pose a particular challenge to a machine fleet. „We remain in close contact with our customers and understand the tough conditions at landfill sites and recycling centres. With this in mind, we have purposefully invested in the performance and versatility of our two wheel loaders as part of our model updates,“ explains Mark Walcher, product manager at Liebherr-Werk Bischofshofen GmbH.

Both the L 550 XPower® and L 556 XPower® wheel loaders are equipped with the power-split travel drive, installed as standard in all Liebherr XPower® wheel loaders. By increasing the engine power on both models, the travel drive is even more powerful with consistently low consumption, such as when accelerating or penetrating into material – and it’s no different when the wheel loaders are equipped with heavy protective devices or solid rubber tyres for industrial operations.

An increase in performance in the working hydraulics has enabled dynamic lift and tip functions, irrespective of the size or weight of the working tool. Structural modifications to the lift arms have paved the way for higher breakout, holding and retrieval forces than before. As a result, operators are now able to efficiently manipulate challenging materials such as scrap metal, paper, compost and logs, particularly in the upper lifting range.

For the L 550 and L 556 XPower® wheel loaders, Liebherr offers four lift arm versions in the form of z-bar kinematics and industrial kinematics both in standard and high lift configurations. Customers can choose which of the four versions best meets their requirements at the time of ordering. Liebherr has overhauled all four versions of the lift arms as part of the model update, as well as reinforcing the steel construction.

The modified z-bar kinematics on the L 550 and L 556 wheel loaders offers strength in the lower lifting range and higher breakout forces than before. The maximum force is produced when, for example, the bucket or attachment is working close to the ground and breaks material out of a pile. This is an important feature when picking up and loading rocks, gravel or construction debris.

Liebherr has also overhauled the industrial kinematics of both wheel loaders. The industrial kinematics is tailored to industrial operations that frequently require operators to work with heavy working tools such as light material buckets, high dump buckets and log grapplers. In addition, the industrial kinematics offers parallel guidance, which is ideal for operating forklifts.

The high lift version (one for both z-bar and industrial kinematics) has extended lift arms for increased reach and more productive loading at a great height. The overhaul of the lift arms has increased the tip load, which means that operators of the new L 550 XPower® and L 556 XPower® can work with larger buckets than before, and move more material in each loading process. Liebherr has taken this as an opportunity to reconfigure the design of the buckets on both models. Consequently, customers can now more accurately tailor the individual modules and wear parts of the buckets to their needs at the time of ordering.

The fully automatic LIKUFIX quick coupler system, historically a feature of Liebherr hydraulic excavators, is being made available for the L 550 XPower® and L 556 XPower® wheel loaders for the first time which will revolutionise operations involving multiple attachments or tools. The LIKUFIX quick coupler system allows operators to safely and conveniently switch mechanical and hydraulic attachments and tools from inside the cab at the press of a button.

Additional equipment allows both XPower® wheel loaders to be prepared for customer-specific requirements. In addition, a hydraulic quick coupler with optimised visibility is also available when requested by the customer, as well as a range of assistance systems. The latter includes active personnel detection at the rear with a new braking assistant, designed to increase safety in day-to-day operations.



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