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This is also a very interesting idea: the employees of HAMMEL were asked for a possible name for a new machine development. The result is the RED GIANT–  sounds huge and is a 2-shaft pre-shredder. It was originally developed for large pieces of waste wood, such as roots. Once on the market, ideas for other applications naturally came up – and so the red giant now „eats“ entire car bodies, aluminium profiles and many other materials. Curious now? Then read our cover story starting on page 4.

In 2022, the UN had called for the International Year of Glass. Glass often appears to us as one of the sustainable alternatives to the use of plastic, e.g. because it can be almost completely recycled. But how high are the recycling rates really? Which types of glass can be recycled and how well? And where do we still have our work cut out for us in the direction of a circular economy? Answers to these exciting questions can be found in the article starting on page 40 by Dr. Joachim Harder.

You will find many other exciting topics in this issue of recovery –  I hope you enjoy reading it.

Petra Strunk

Dr. Petra Strunk, Editor-in-Chief/Chefredakteurin der recovery


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