Working together over generations

Handling of difficult-to-process materials withEREMA recycling machine

The Spanish recycling company Anviplas has been involved in plastics recycling for more than 30 years, during which time it has built up extensive know-how that now benefits customers throughout Europe, in Africa and in Asia. Their cooperation with EREMA is almost as long. Since 1991, Anviplas has relied on the technology and service provided by the Austrian recycling machine manufacturer.

„EREMA machines have delivered excellent results at our company over all these years. Featuring industry-leading technology, these machines are also easy to use, very reliable, and they have always met our expectations. Even on particularly challenging projects,“ says Anviplas CEO Aleix Vintró, who took over the business from his father Joan, who founded the company together with Aleix’ grandfather and uncle. He highlights the recycling of barrier film as an example, which consists of three different layers of material.

Aleix Vintró, CEO Anviplas, and Joan Vintró at the Navacles plant. An EREMA INTAREMA® 1716 TVEplus® from EREMA is in operation there

Aleix Vintró, CEO Anviplas, and Joan Vintró at the Navacles plant. An EREMA INTAREMA® 1716 TVEplus® from EREMA is in operation there
Employing 64 people, Anviplas recycles post-industrial and post-consumer plastic waste, especially HD and LD-PE as well as PP, to make recycled pellets in all colour variations. The production capacity is 1800 t per month. An EREMA type INTAREMA® 1716 TVEplus® recycling machine with screen changer is in operation at the site in Navarcles (Barcelona) for processing the PP material stream. This patented extruder system was developed for handling difficult-to-process materials, such as heavily printed films as well as very moist waste. This machine is characterised by its optimised 3-stage degassing system; firstly by preheating and predrying the material in the preconditioning unit, secondly because the screw design allows reverse degassing, and thirdly in the degassing zone of the extruder. „With TVEplus® technology, this is located after the melt filtration, so that only completely melted, filtered and homogenised material can pass through the degassing zone,“ explains Jan Stöger, Sales Organisation Manager at EREMA.

Anviplas customers manufacture a huge bandwidth of products made using their recycled pellets. They range from various film products, such as stretch, shrink, mulch and silage films, to irrigation, corrugated and high-pressure pipes, as well as containers such as tubs, bottles, barrels and crates. All these applications require recycled pellets that meet the highest quality specifications. „That is precisely our strength,“ says Aleix Vintró. „We produce the highest possible quality recyclate, because we want to continue to offer our customers products that optimally meet their needs and open up business opportunities that are cost effective and environmentally sound.“ That is why Anviplas is currently working intensively on improving the recycling process for complex multilayer materials. Once again, EREMA is a reliable partner.

In February 2022 the Repeats Group, a pan-European platform for LDPE recycling, and Anviplas announced, that Repeats has made an investment in the Spanish recycling company. For Repeats this investment in Anviplas represents an important step in building a pan-European plastics recycling platform. Under Repeats’ leadership, the Company plans to nearly double its production capacity to meet the growing demand for recycled LDPE in Europe. Aleix Vintró will continue to lead the Spanish operations and expansion plans going forward.


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