Focus on App and Hardware Update

STEINERT sorting machines help to recover pure and clean secondary raw

materials, both when sorting streams of metal and during waste processing.

The new monitoring app, processing of non-ferrous metals including separation of heavy metals, wood sorting and recycling of steel are the main focal points

on STEINERT’s stands at the IFAT. Live presentations will take place daily to explain the solutions in detail.

When using automotive shredder residue (ASR) and incinerator bottom ash (IBA) in particular, sensor-based and magnetic technologies allow recyclable material to be sorted and put back into circulation. Since demand for sorting stainless steel content is growing all the time, one feature that STEINERT is presenting is the hardware update to the STEINERT SteelMaster, which generates the purest iron scrap from shredded scrap.

In the area of waste recycling, the focus is on the UniSort PR EVO 5.0. Thanks to its hyperspectral imaging (HSI) camera, this has such a high spatial and spectral resolution that it can recognise and separate different types of wood. When combined with AI-assisted sorting programs, it allows chipboard made from OSB, MDF or multiplex as well as fresh wood to be sorted by type from coated and painted wood.

Special stand

For the first time ever, STEINERT is dedicating a separate stand to digital issues. The sorting specialist will be presenting its mobile monitoring app, STEINERT.view, here. The app allows customers to monitor their sensor-based sorting machines from any location. Customers can test the app on various devices directly on the stand. “Intelligent digital solutions” exclusive to waste recycling which allow digital control of plants for processing post-consumer packages or commercial waste, for example, can also be experienced in a Web-App.

An additional highlight on the stand is a presentation area where STEINERT experts will present new products and features daily at 11:00 h and 14:00 h:

Monday (30.05.): 11:00 h: Sorting wood
14:00 h: “Intelligent digital solutions” for waste recycling

Tuesday (31.05.): 11:00 h: Steel recycling
14:00 h: STEINERT.view performance app

Wednesday (01.06.): 11:00 h STEINERT.view performance app
14:00 h: Sorting wood

Thursday (02.06.):  11:00 h: Steel recycling
14:00 h: STEINERT.view performance app

Friday (03.06.): 11:00 h: Steel recycling

STEINERT will also inform in other areas of the trade fair about sorting solutions. Steinert is also to be found in the VDMA plastic recycling themed world and at the VDMA demonstration days, as well as on the innovation stage as part of the supporting programme at the Munich trade fair.

Hall B6, Stände 451/550, 551


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