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FOR REC at IFAT Munich 2022: meet the innovation and ask for your free tickets

Would you like to find out the latest news from the recycling world and discover the newest technologies for refrigerator recycling plants and municipal solid waste shredders?
From May 30th to June 3rd 2022, FOR REC will be present at IFAT 2022: the world's leading trade fair of waste treatment that will focus on water, sewage, waste and raw materials management.

Discover the largest Refrigerator Recycling plants in the world, designed by FOR REC:

We are looking forward to being part of this event and showing our latest innovations in the field of refrigerator recycling plants.
In our booth you will have the opportunity to see one of our plants in scale 1:250, to explore the characteristics and advantages of our solutions more in detail.
Our technical staff will be there to show you all our products and tell you about our projects and success stories.
An example? Our refrigerator recycling line installed in Bordeaux in 2019: the largest in the world, capable of treating 120 refrigerators per hour!
This plant includes many different technologies, such as the Primary Double Shaft Shredder TB specifically designed for a precise volume reduction, the Four-shaft shredders TQ designed for a precise volume reduction and the granulator FMS for the grinding of medium-large components. A perfect and efficient solution that has confirmed our competence and reliability in the refrigerators recycling sector.

FOR REC Shredder machines for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) treatment:

Besides refrigeration treatment plants, at IFAT 2022, we will also exhibit all of our solutions for the treatment of any kind of municipal and industrial solid waste.
Over the years we have developed several plants aimed at sorting and recovering high quality municipal and industrial recycling materials.
Our solutions are designed to fit the needs of the international MSW market. We develop custom solutions and we create plants on the basis of the specific requirements of our customers. The goal of each project is to efficiently separate and recover dry waste. The separation is done by an automatic sorting system, with various types of tools: including disc sieves for organic fraction, ballistic separators, iron separators, eddy current separators and a manual sorting system run by operators in fixed positions.
Subsequently, non-recyclable dry waste is transported for grinding and size reduction so that it can be used as recovered solid fuel for a sustainable approach.
Watch the video and find out how FOR REC plants work:

Request your free ticket and come visit us:

Come and visit us: our technical team will be at your disposal to answer questions about FOR REC solutions dedicated to any kind of solid municipal and industrial waste. You can also learn more about the features and benefits of our machines for WEEE, refrigerators, tyres and MSW treatment and recycling.
You will find us at Booth #209/308 Hall B6.
Request now a free ticket to IFAT 2022 in Munich. Please send an email to: indicating your name, surname, company and number of participants.
We will send you a personalized invitation and you will have the opportunity to see all our new proposals in person.
Meet the innovation, come and visit us!