E-mobility and recycling

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E-mobility – an exciting topic! Is this the solution, or will there be other concepts for future mobility? Apart from lower maintenance, consistent performance and cost savings, the advantage of electric handling machines – especially indoor – is the absence of exhaust gases and the lower-noise operation. Read a report from page 12 on the topic “Electrifies efficiency” by Van Dijk Containers in Genemuiden/The Netherlands.

E-mobility is also one of the focal points of the 19th International Automobile Recycling Congress IARC taking place in Vienna in March from page 26. Within the framework of the congress, inter alia, topics such as security aspects regarding the collection and recycling of electric vehicles, next-generation recycling processes and equipment or the advantages of the circular economy for automobile manufacturers and recycling companies will be discussed.

At this point, we would like to point out to another exciting event – the E-Mobility & Circular Economy Congress EMCE 2019, which will be held in Tokyo at the beginning of July and which will be covered in more detail in our next issue.

Have an entertaining time with our recovery 01/2019!

Dr. Petra Strunk
Editor-in-chief of recovery Recycling Technology Worldwide

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